Can be made in round 13″ tray
  1. Mix the melted butter with the shredded filo dough, separating the pieces
  2. Take half the dough and set in the tray, evenly, and into the oven at bake 350 on the second shelf
  3. Check on it until it is a golden color. If the bottom turns gold before the top, set on boil for a minute or so, until golden. Set into serving tray
  4. Put the second half of the filo dough and repeat steps 2-3
  5. When the filo dough cools, add half a cup of ashta over the first layer of filo dough
  6. Add the second layer of filo dough over the ashta
  7. Add the remaining ashta on top & decorate with ground pistachio and the lemon flour
  1. Dissolve corn starch in milk and half n half. Add the sugar
  2. Heat the milk and bread chunks over medium heat. Stir constantly and when it starts to boil, switch to low heat
  3. Three minutes after boiling, add the blossom water, and rose water. Stir all together for two minutes.
  4. Set aside. Every 1/2 hour, stir until it cools. Once cooled, set in fridge. Stir once after couple hours.
Recipe Notes