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At Your Lebanon we feature our traditional recipes passed down to us, aspiring chefs and bakers of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, the restaurant scene in Lebanon & Lebanese restaurants abroad.

We are here to share our wonderful culture, traditions, food, and food scene with the world.

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Our Story

We are Lebanese Americans living in the United States who are very close with our Lebanese culture. Our families are from Aabrine & Falougha, Lebanon and we visit yearly.

I began Your Lebanon as an Instagram page to save ideas for where to visit while in Lebanon, and Middle Eastern recipe and presentation inspirations to make from home. It was important to me to collect these traditional recipes and share them in English so that they are more accessible to a wider audience, since many very authentic Arabic and Lebanese recipes were not available in English when I started!
What started as a hobby has become a passion to promote our culture and connect those interested in our cuisine,  to share everything we've learned, including recipes passed down to us as well as those of our favorite chefs, here on



Tina Lattouf Chamoun


I am a mom & wife first, homemaker, licensed attorney, restaurant marketer, event coordinator, owner of Terranean Herbs & Spices, & the food blogger behind Your Lebanon.


Rita Lattouf


As Lebanese abroad, my mother instilled in us an interest in and love for our culture, traditions & values. The traditional Middle Eastern food we were raised with kept us connected with our roots and in touch with where we are from.

Mom, homemaker, event coordinator, and Your Lebanon recipe blogger.

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Working with my husband and his family has taught me so much about the food & beverage industry, marketing & great food.

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