What is Za'atar?

Za’atar (pronounced zah-tar) is a variety of wild thyme called hyssup, native to the Levantine and Middle Eastern Region. It is used to make the popular Za’atar blend (of the same name),used in Levantine/ Middle Eastern cuisine. The traditional za’atar mix is made with the sun-dried za’atar herb, salt, toasted sesame seeds and sumac spice. It is a staple in the Middle Eastern pantry.


Za’atar may be one of the most versatile condiments and spices. It is a multi-purpose blend that is tangy, savory, with an after bite kick.  It is perfect for adding to dips, including labne (a thick cream made from yogurt), hummus, baba gannoj, chickpeas, eggs, adding to roasted and sautéed vegetables, as a rub for chicken, meat, and fish, in salad dressings and more. 

The most popular use is mixed with olive oil and as a topping for the traditional Middle Eastern baked bread, mankoushe (pronounced man-ou-sheh).

In our household, Za'atar is used on a weekly if not daily basis. Browse some of our favorite Za'atar recipes below- we will continue to review and add recipe submissions.

Za'atar Cookies

Recipe by Palestine in a Dish

Za'atar & Cheese Cookies

Recipe by Almond & Fig 

Za'atar Cake

Recipe by Hiba's Food

Za'atar Pizza

Recipe by Dina's Kitchen

Colorful Za'atar Manakish

Recipe by Roola.92

Za'atar Manoushe Flatbread

Recipe by MZCuisine

Za'atar Bread Loaf

Recipe by Nadia Tommalieh

Za'atar Flatbread Bread

Recipe by The Hummus Theory

Za'atar Rolls

Recipe by Ghina's Baking

Za'atar Crêpe

Recipe by Jessica Moufarrej

Balsamic and Za'atar Dip

Recipe by Healthylicous by Sara

Palestinian Za'atar Blend

Recipe by Nadia Tommalieh

Roasted Za'atar Chickpeas

Recipe by Rita Chnais

Cheesey Garlic Za'atar Bread

Recipe by Spiced.Nice

Use Za'atar with Salad:

Za'atar Mint Vinaigrette

Recipe by Noushkalicious

Roasted Squash Za'atar Salad

Recipe by The Hummus Theory

Tahini Za'atar Cauliflower Salad

Recipe by Spatulicious

Use Za'atar as a Rub:

Za'atar Lamb Leg

Recipe by The Lebanese Plate

Baked Za'atar Sea Bass

Recipe by Honey I'm in the Kitchen 

Za'atar Roasted Lamb Chops

Recipe by Cooking.Journey


Recipe by Sandy's Kitchen

Za'atar Chicken Flatbread

Recipe by Genie Gets Fit

Fresh Za'atar Recipes:

Za'atar Fatayer

Recipe by Chef in Disguise

Fresh Za'atar and Cheese Salad

Recipe by KitchnJoys

Fresh Za'atar and Cheese Savory Cake

Recipe by Nivin's Kitchen

Fresh Thyme (Za'atar) Crackers

Recipe by Rayan and Shaza Cook

Use Za'atar as an addition to:

Traditional Hummus

Recipe by Cooking.Journey