Arabesque at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut- a sunset dinner hosted by Your Lebanon

During my trip to Lebanon this past July, I hosted a group of Middle Eastern Bloggers and Chefs at the Arabesque Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut.

Since I live in the United States throughout the year, this was the perfect opportunity for me to meet some of the wonderful people that I have collaborated with and become friends with through my Your Lebanon platform, through the guidance and assistance of celebrity chef Leyla Fathallah and celebrity blogger Brahms Chouity (Daddy Foody)!

The Welcome

Let’s start with the ambiance. We sat on the terrace lounge patio, overlooking the Mediterranean, with a perfect view of the sunset. Instead of traditional table seating, we walked in to a long table for 16, surrounded by comfortable lounge seats.

The service was impeccable. They were most hospitable, most helpful, and incredibly warm. They treated us as if we were being welcomed and hosted in their own homes.

The Meal

The food and drinks were incredible as well. We tried the entire mezzah menu and more. The cold mezzah included tabbouleh, hummus, fattoush, moutabal, stuffed vine leaves, and muhammara, while the hot mezzah featured fatayer, kebbe, sambousek, and cheese rolls (insanely good cheese rolls).

Additional salad options included refreshing tomatoes with feta and fresh mint.

With dinners like this, you have to pace yourself through the appetizer “round” so that you have room for the remaining dishes!

We were treated to a couple seafood dishes: their prawn saganaki made with a spicy tomato sauce, crumbled feta cheese and ouzo (!), and a guest favorite, their red mullet ceviche made with pomegranate, olive oil and green chili.

Next came the falafel with almond tartar sauce and homemade pita bread, the fried potato cubes with garlic, green chili and coriander, mini shish tawook skewers with a herb mayo dip, and mini beef shawarma rolls with almond tartar, tomatoes and pickles,

With absolutely no room left (as of the hour before) the desserts arrived! Berry and watermelon fruit salad made with halloumi and fresh basil, and the mandarin creme caramel.

The remaining guests enjoyed a post dinner shish session to wrap up our evening.

Each dish was unique, beautifully presented, and very delicious. There is something special about each of the dishes on this menu, something you can only try at the Four Seasons in Beirut.

We look forward to our next trip to Beirut and will make Arabesque a mandatory stop for every trip here on out!

Thank you to

Special thanks to Nada Atieh and the Arabesque team at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut for coordinating and hosting this wonderful dinner, and to our guests: Chef Leyla Fathallah, Brahms- Daddy Foody, Healthylicious by Sara, Pots n Bites, Maman Chocolat, Duck the Diet, The Couple Bites, Oui Society, Daniel Chelala, Peter Wen Maken.

Visit the Four Seasons Arabesque page to view their full menu, learn more, and reserve for your next trip or gathering!