Chef Feature: Fatina’s Recipes

Your Lebanon Chef Feature: Fatina’s Recipes

Fatina Daher is a TV Chef with Al Youm Alfa OSN and Presentor on YawmiYati Mag  who shares quick and easy recipes and inspirations in both English & Arabic on her page.  We love how Fatina’s work includes different types of Middle Eastern cuisines and ethnic dishes, and features traditional as well as modern twists to recipes!



Guest  Recipe Features:

Q & A with Fatina

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m Fatina Daher a self taught chef. I cook on Orbit Al Yawm (OSN) live cooking, I also work with lots of websites. I am a brand ambassador, and a menu consultant.

Where are you from:

Beirut, Lebanon

Where are you currently residing:

Beirut, Lebanon

What is your favorite Middle Eastern dish to make:

Moghrabiye and Riz Bhalib.

Do you prefer traditional Middle Eastern dishes or Modern/fusion Middle Eastern dishes:

I love to mix between both.

Fatina’s Vanilla Milk Pudding

What do you love most about cooking Middle Eastern cuisine:

The real taste of the dishes.

What is your favorite Middle Eastern restaurant:

I think Babel, Lebanon.

Fatina’s Creamy Spinach Quiche 

What is your favorite food blog:

Chef May Yacoubi.

What advice do you have for someone just starting to find their way around the kitchen:

To keep their recipes simple.

What nostalgic candy bar would you grab on walks to the local deken when you were a kid: