Arnabeet (Baked Cauliflower) Recipe

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Arnabeet (Baked Cauliflower)
  1. Clean the cauliflower and cut into florets. Set aside in bowl
  2. Sprinkle salt and vegetable oil, toss florets to cover evenly
  3. Set florets in one layer on tray. Cover tray with sheet of foil and set in tray to bake at 400F
  4. After ten minutes, take off the foil and rotate the tray
  5. After another ten minutes, rotate the tray again. Cauliflower will be done with they are a golden brown
Recipe Notes
  • This dish is typically fried but we  prefer to bake it.
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2 thoughts on “Arnabeet (Baked Cauliflower) Recipe”

  1. I usually bake it with garlic as well and add lemon about half way through the baking. Soo good! And a side of Tahini sauce…

    1. I add some garlic powder, do you mix in fresh garlic? Tahini is a must!! Thanks for your comment!

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