What’s for Dessert? 20 dishes from our favorite chef bloggers

Part 3 in our 3 part Ramadan Table Series featuring recipes for: Suhoor, Iftar, Dessert

Ramadan is the Holy, 9th month of the Islamic calendar,  where Muslims fast (sawm) and refrain from food and drink between dawn and dusk and maintain kind and pure thoughts. Ramadan teaches discipline, patience, and generosity.  It is a community experience where Muslims fast together, and join to break their fast together, in their homes, Mosques, and other community gathering places. 

Suhoor is the vital pre-dawn meal, where Muslims eat items that will provide energy and are filling, in order to maintain their fast until sunset. 

After sunset prayer (Maghrib), those fasting gather to break their fast with Iftar, a meal that is celebrated with friends and extended family, and usually begins with dates, or apricots, water, or sweetend milk before prayer, and the meal after. 

We asked some of our favorite Muslim Chefs and Bloggers to share what Ramadan means to them, and recipes for Suhoor & Iftar.  

(In no particular order)

1. Layali Lubnan

Layali Lubnan (Lebanese Nights Dessert) Recipe By Nadia Tommalieh

2. Karkadeh

Hibiscus and Orange Blossom Water Juice (Karkadeh) by Nadia Tommalieh

3. Kamar el Deen

Kamar el Deen by Nadia Tommalieh

4. Qatayef

Qatayef (Atayef) by Nadia Tommalieh

Ramadan brings back lots of beautiful memories and cheerful traditions to look forward to. While food is an important part among these traditions, I grew up reminded to think about the less fortunate people around us. Making sure to lend a hand whenever we can. For me Ramadan brings the blessing of gathering our family daily for “Iftar” breaking fast, and “Suhoor” pre-dawn meal. The memories of growing up and doing our last minutes trips to the stuffed falafel place, the tamarind stand or the fresh Qatayef bakery. My personal favorite memory is of my dad preparing his Tahini salad with fresh herbs (we called it “Abu Ali’s salad”). It was a must have on our Iftar table every day. I still make it often for my family especially during this month.Celebrating Ramadan abroad can be a challenge sometimes. But as a community we managed to create an atmosphere that connected us like a family. I feel that we succeeded in replicating some of these traditions and even created new ones for our own children. May the blessing of the holy month brings you all happiness, prosperity and treasured moments of joy! Ramadan Mubarak!

Nadia Tommalieh

5. Pistachio Cake

Pistachio Cake by Chef Leyla Fathallah

There isn’t a time I enjoy cooking quite like Ramadan. The Holy Month is a time of faith and bonding with God and with my family. As we all sit around the table every evening for Iftar, anticipating that first spoonful of delicious preparations made with love, happiness surrounds us at every side. I wish you all a blissful, blessed Ramadan!

Chef Leyla Fathallah

6. Helbeh

Helbeh (Fenugreek Cake) By Kitchen Maestro

Ramadan Is one of my best months of the year, it’s a month of blessings, and forgiveness.What I do really like about the Holy month of Ramdan is how we reconnect with family relatives and friends, gathering around one table for Iftar and sharing beautiful moments and memories that we will cherish for the rest of our life. Ramadan teaches us also so many high moral virtues, one of them is Sharing and caring for other people, as muslims around the world are engaged not only in prayers and fasting, but also in giving & sharing more…. Sharing food with neighbours and friends is a beautiful habit in Ramadan since it gives us all a real huge feeling of happiness! I really wish all of us will be able to make the best out of this month, by spreading love and peace and do more sharing….  Ramadan Kareem.

Nisreen, Kitchen Maestro

7. Date Roll

Date Roll (Tamer Roll)

Ramadan is a humbling experience for my family and I, reminding us of the simple yet magical joys of sharing a beautifully and lovingly-prepared meal with one another and with the people of the world

Rola, Rola’s Catering

8. Pistachio Dessert

Arabian Pistachio Dessert by Fatina_Recipes

Ramadan for me is our childhood memories, family gathering, and of course delish food! Ramadan Karim everyone.

Fatina, Fatina__Recipes

9. Mhalbieh

Mhalbieh (Almond Pudding) Recipe by Rana’s Kitchen Lab

Ramadan has always been my dearest month of the year, it’s a month where I feel at peace. It’s the month of empathy , through which we feel more connected to each other as human beings, it teaches us how to feel with less fortunate people and figure out ways to help them. Ramdan is wonderful opportunity for all the family to be gathered around one table thanking God for all his blessings, so much memories are built to cherish throughout our life.I wish you all a blessed month and “Ramdan Kareem”

Rana Kebbi Damaj, Rana’s Kitchen Lab

10. Pistachio Cookies

Orange Blossom & Pistachio Cookies Recipe by Honey I’m in the Kitchen

11. Date Cake

Date Cake Recipe by Honey I’m in the Kitchen

It’s true when they say that home is not a place but the people. In Ramadan however, I find that the place makes a huge difference. I grew up in the sleepy little town that is Sharjah in the UAE. It had a slower pace of life back then (and still compared to its loud sister Dubai!) but I remember Ramadan being even slower. It’s a time of intention, of slowing down, of being deliberate in your words and your actions, of reflecting, of giving back. I particularly love this sense of solidarity and the knowledge that millions of people around the world are experiencing the same thing in their own cultural ways. I’ve been living away from home for so long so my fondest memories of Ramadan come from my childhood. The sound of Quran in the background and the hustle and bustle in the kitchen in the lead-up to Iftar with all hands on deck. Somehow everyone had a role to play even though nothing was officially defined and no roles were assigned. I always made the salad because I was famous for my OCD and cutting everything the same size! Baba would drive my siblings and I to the location of the cannon and I remember how he helped us climb on top of the car hood (what a childhood privilege!) to be able to see. We excitedly waited in anticipation of the “explosion” and then rushed back home, that mere 3 minute drive, engulfed by the beautiful sound of the Adhan, to indulge. As I live far away from home and now have a family of my own, I am trying to find ways to educate and immerse my still very young boys into this special holy month by creating new traditions and above all, sharing acts of kindness. Inshallah a peaceful and blessed month for all. Ramadan Kareem!

Dana, Honey I’m in the Kitchen

12. Qatayef Asafeer

Katayif Ashta Asafeer (Fresh Cream) Recipe by CookinAtHome

13. Awameh

Awameh by Cooking Journey

Your Lebanon Recipes


Sable Butter Cookies Recipe

15. Nammoura

Nammoura Recipe

16. 3esmaleye

3esmaleye Recipe

17. Custard

Custard with Tea Biscuits Recipe

18. Halawet el Jibne

Halawet el Jibne Recipe

19. Shaybeyeh


20. Ashta

Ashta Recipe

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